Idun's Quest


BlackLlama Enchantivism:  An Ecotherapy for the Imagination

Personal Agency

Cultivating multi-dimensional human capacities for personal agency and eco-self-sovereign life styles, enabling us to realize what it means to be #human-worthy. The human nervous system developed to its full capability. Psycho-Integration.

Community Eco-Self-Actualization

Designing and cultivating communities of our desire that makes us feel good about ourselves and enable all participants to flourish.  Regenerative Transformational Technologies. Revitalizing the prosperity game. Restoring Harmony. Kintsugi.

BlackLlama Enchantivistm

A novel fusion of ecotherapy for the imagination. Indi-Genius. Combining performance arts, poetry, literature, mythology, folklore, gaming, dance and other expressive arts to inspire personal, social and ecosystem regeneration and potential actualization.

"Regeneration is a process by which people, institutions, and materials evolve the capacity to fulfil their inherent potential in a world that is constantly changing around them.


This can only be accomplished by going to their roots, their origins, or their foundings to discover what is truly singular or essential about them.


Bringing this essential core forward in order to express it as a new capacity and relevance is another way to describe the activity of regeneration. In other words, regeneration is the means by which enlightened, disruptive innovation happen." Carol Sanford, The Regenerative Business

What got us here today won't get us there tomorrow

What we offer

Restoring Salka. Nurturing Imagination. LifeStyle Changed.

To know about humanity, you first have to learn to be human.


Facilitator Training and Accreditation

Idun's Quest - Restoring Essence and Dynamic Lifeforce

Regenerative people and organizational development methods and practices

Immersive BlackLlama Enchantivist experiences and templates including community design and building

Retreat preparation, hosting and post-retreat integration


Consulting, Coaching, Counselling & Mentoring

Idun's Garden - Personal and Group Revilalization

Essence recovery and restoration

Re-nurturing creative inner and external landscapes

Conversations that Matter

Speaking and Performing

Idun's Prophecy - Inspiring the Craft of Enchantivism

BlackLlama Enchantivist Vision and Style

Creative ceremony design and interactive presentation

Positive Mavericks Leadership Educational Talks

“If the teacher is indeed wise she does not bid you enter the house of her wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.” Kahlil Gibran.