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Idun's Quest

Restoring and Protecting our Natural World and Ourselves



Meet Your Indigenius Self

BlackLlama Enchantivism teaches you what it means to be human and introduces you to your singular human nature.

Although we take you to places and introduce you to people and experiences you could not even comprehend, you cannot really buy this realization or compete for it. Having it will not necessarily increase your social status. It does not care how many social media followers you have - you cannot own it, inherit through birth or fame, extract it or other goal oriented habitual ways we think we can achieve such understanding.

You will, however, join a very small, exclusive group of humans on the planet who will inspire you to continue your investigations in human potential and earth centric transformative technologies (of self).


BlackLlama Enchantivism: An EcoTherapy for the Imagination

Unlike competitive and adventure based engagement with nature, our BlackLlama Enchantivism approach enables a creative, mindful connection with the living world.

Through these direct realizations we understand that restoring living ecosystems is the essence for restoring the mind, heart and body.

Our facilitated approach also creates the conditions for people to  gain knowledge on how to act on such realization, and develop strategies to act on such realization. This way we remember how to regenerate ourselves and our world.

"Ecotherapy, or applied ecopsychology, encompasses a broad range of nature-based methods of psychological healing, grounded in the crucial fact that people are inseparable from the rest of nature and nurtured by healthy interaction with the Earth." Linda Buzell and Craig Chalquist

"Its the science of connection to both inner and outer nature, which is the basic condition of health, harmony and well-being, and also an actual answer to the global crisis we are facing today." Zselyke Molnos

BlackLlama Enchantivistm fuses ecotherapy with expressive art practices and indigenous wisdom traditions to cultivate imagination, critical thinking and intuition. We combine philosophy, performance arts, poetry, literature, mythology, folklore, gaming, dance and other expressive arts to inspire personal, social and ecosystem regeneration and potential actualization.


Our Vision: To Create an Antidote for Big Tech's King Midas Problem

We  are cultivating a new paradigm to create earth centric transformative technologies that enable people to cultivate compassion and loving-kindness for the natural world.

Our Goals

Restore Salka. (Rewild ourselves)

Nurture Imagination.

Empower LifeStyle Change.


What we do

BlackLlama Vintage Leadership Consulting

Personal and Professional Leadership Coaching and Counselling

Off-the-beaten Track Nature Connected Leadership Development: Jungle, Surfing and Mountain Retreats in Peru

Earth Centered Transformative Tech Development