The Gathering

PossibilitySpace: Restoring. Planting. Nourishing.

Enchantivism = Enchantment + Activism

Are you a Positive Maverick?

Do you swim upstream when everyone else swims downstream?

Are you passionate about self-sovereign living and eco-system restoration?

Our vision is to host a unique space and opportunity for a small group of exceptional people to come together and explore new forms of life centric leadership and cultural development.



To be able to restore vitality to our local and global eco-systems, we need to re-learn how to regenerate ourselves.

“Clear thinking, creatively confident, emotionally flexible and resilient people are more effective are restoring the world’s living capital.” The Regenerative Enterprise

On Idun’s Quest we are reclaiming imagination as a wisdom skill for regenerative enterprise. This enables us to cultivate novel neural networks for personal agency and flourishing, visionary communities and regenerative enterprise.

When we apply our wise imagination to hone our own style and form of enchantivism, we can explore and establish more diverse and hopeful dreams and stories about the future. 

Fusing imagination with the art of intentionless intent, we are able to bring forth our natural wisdom into original and creative expression that enables us to re-wild our inner landscapes, as well as outer world.

Through this we cultivate enlightened leadership – 

“As I liberate my own being, may I benefit others.”

Re-wild your Mind

This 12 day personal leadership development and creativity retreat will unfold in the beautiful environment of Pisaq and Sacred Valley, Peru. Here you will restore your Salka  (undomesticated energy) and discover Idun’s Garden.

You will be surrounded with music and songs, folklore, cosmology and restorative approaches from the Andean mountain traditions.

Detouring from the mainstream (spiritual and consciousness) tourism track, we will guide you in becoming more familiar with your natural imagination and other positive qualities, and inspire your personal regenerative leadership development practice and business. 

Learn Eco-Somatic Integration 

Working on your own regenerative project, you will learn special techniques, time tested approaches and be inspired by nature-based mindfulness and somatic therapy.

You will practice how to cultivate your positive identity, retrieve personal wellbeing and restore life force. You will gain insights into the benefits of incorporating eco-therapy in personal growth and leadership development; and cultivating your “inner landscape” through creative meditation, the art of embodied philosophy and expressive therapy.

At the end of the retreat, you will leave empowered with simple tools, resources and access to a network of peers and facilitators to help you continue your own path of revitalization and positive impact.

You will gain insights into how to adapt this body of work to your own context and environment, including business enterprise.

(Photo by LifeLush)

Google outside of your Self

We will move you out of your comfort zone to provide time to experience people who live a self-sovereign life. Intentional activities will give you many opportunities to connect positively with Sacred Valley’s local economy and communities.

The purpose of incorporating learning from various local guest facilitators, such as Tours for Your Soul, is to demonstrate diverse approaches to living a quality life including food and financial independence.  

You will have the opportunity to experience the joys of disconnecting from computer technology and algorithms that manage your life, and savour the pleasure of simple living, wholesome food and good conversations.

Featured Facilitators & Enchantivists

MaRi is a Canadian award winning innovator in leadership and organizational development. She has more than 15 years of experience working with executives and senior leadership across to globe to design and implement distributed models of leadership and talent development, while improving performance and wellbeing.

She is a trusted mentor to senior leadership development experts, psychologists and executive coaches. 

MaRi was ranked on the Thomson Reuters Canadian Top 40 Social Influencers in Finance, Innovation and Risk, 2017. Finalist Innovator Idol, Ontario, 2012 (software development).

Since childhood she has been dedicated to empower herself to relieve the suffering of others, in particular marginalized people – as her personal response to make sense of the circumstances of her own struggles.

She has spend most of her life studying positive mavericks, dance, folklore, mythology, applied philosophy, chaos and complexity theory, systems thinking, creativity and ancestral wisdom knowledge, practices and methods tools for connecting to our innate and true source of healing and wellbeing.

MaRi is fired up by Idun’s Quest, with her mission to provide training and support to the Guardians of the Gardens of Life.

Co-Founder: BlackLlama Enchantivist School

MaRi Eagar

Cultural Creative. Storyteller.  “Re-wilding” herself. Peer-to-Peer Economy. On Idun’s Quest. Dzogchen Practitioner.

With a thriving practice as a transpersonal psychologist, Raimutsa apprenticed and continue to develop his own independent practice within Andean ancestral shamanic and regenerative methods and practices for more than twenty years.

He continues to study Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and new developments in psychology and consciousness.

An avid surfer and martial arts expert, Rai also works closely with the Shipipo and Quero communities in Peru.

He is an experienced transformation retreat leader, mountaineer and wellbeing facilitator in countries such as Peru, Argentina, USA and South Africa. This includes helping others heal from post-traumatic stress and significant challenges in their lives.

Raimutsa engages the world with deep knowledge of the unique and direct understanding of clear awareness essence that can be unlocked during guided and intentional visits to the various sacred sites and spaces.

He is dedicated to promote the revival and revaluation of ancestral knowledge and the development of intercultural wellbeing. 

Co-Founder BlackLlama Enchantivist  School


Peruvian Ancestral Wisdom. How to change your mind. Joy of surfing, good food and martial arts.

Watch the view from Little Cusco near Pisaq, Peru

Pricing &  Registration

This 12 day leadership retreat is designed for and limited to 8 people to ensure individual connection and learning, as well as mountain hike safety. 

The price of $ 2,500 includes shared accommodation, transport during the retreat, personal counselling, teachings, materials, meals and access to ruins we visit during the retreat. All your money will be directly invested in the local economy and facilitators from Peru. 

We are also committing 5% of your retreat fees towards supporting self-sovereign, indigenous communities in the Sacred Valley. This will be done in a transparent and fun way!


  • StrengthsProfile assessment and debriefing
  • Positive goal setting psychotherapy and coaching in preparation for the retreat
  • Personal on-line counselling to determine your personal retreat requirements, medical assessment, needs and preparation
  • A pre-course package with activities for preparation including recommended reading and information to start a meditation practice (we will continue together during the retreat)
  • Self-study topics: Self-Sovereign. Regenerative. Team Human.


  • Daily proprietary guided program including creative meditation, movement therapy and the art of philosophy
  • Guided eco-therapy hikes to inspiring ancient sites and pristine natural spaces, facilitated by various guest facilitators from Pisaq
  • Blueprint to facilitate personal growth and leadership development with others through storytelling, creative ceremony, and nature-based therapy
  • Andean wisdom and expressive eco-art ceremonies
  • Healthy meals and snacks prepared from locally sourced food and experts
  • Opportunities to connect personally with guest facilitators and local community to develop you own network for post-retreat integration and continued study
  • Positive Mavericks facilitation workshop materials and tools that you can offer to your business clients and professional practice


  • Accreditation to facilitate and build your own practice in Positive Maverick Leadership Development
  • Three monthly online group mentoring and coaching meetings to support post-retreat integration
  • Upon successful completion of the retreat and post-integration activities, option to list on our facilitator site 
  • Facilitator-only resources including branding and training materials to support you in building your own practice
  • Access to a follow up online peer-to-peer community of practice to continue to connect, grow together and motivate each other

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A deposit of USD 1,000 is required which we apply to secure your accommodation and guest facilitators. (Quality accommodation in Pisaq tends to be booked out months and years in advance.)

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