The BlackLlama Enchantivists Guild is in the embryonic stage – discovering and cultivating our first generation companions: artist innovators, “re-wilders”, enchantivist facilitators, partners, and sponsors.

Are you interested in being part of the fun and regenerate some aspects of your world?

“The message is clear enough: if you are concerned but confused about the state of the world, forget about finding the answer at some top—nothing doing there these days—and skip the staged events.

Find some motley crew in some open field and coalesce to create your own event, on the ground.

Target some morally intolerable outrage—there is no shortage of them these days—and correct it: cleverly, decisively, morally, almost legally.

Stop dreaming and start acting.” 

Henri Minzberg, a global guru in leadership and strategy, May 18th, 2019)

“Hello, New Best Friend.”


Digital Art by Tanna Po

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