Facilitators at the Decentralized and Alternative Finance Event, MaRi Eagar and Tanno Po highlighted that, without being curious and imagining new economic worldviews, the ideals for decentralized, exponential technologies will simply accelerate the very social, economic and environment crisis facing the world.

We introduced the BlackLlama Artist Guild, and our first innovative new leadership program, Hummingbird’s Travel Guide.

PARTECK and Transformative Tech: Decentralized Finance and Alternative Finance Event 2019

Establishing partner networks and providing regenerative lifestyle change facilitation to support future retreats outside of the mainstream spiritual tourism.

Sacred Valley, Peru Retreat 2019

Protect your art by learning about free resources available to artists and advice on how to use them. Learn the basics of gallery, art show contracts and how to contract a commission. Get info on how creative commons licenses work and how to use them at this free event intended for artists starting their own business. 

Mingle with other artists, eat snacks, don’t point out my spelling errors. 

Protect Your Art Workshop Hosted by Tanna Po, August 2019

MaRi Eagar created and performed a Masters of Enchantivism production designed specifically for Dogecon 2018.

As part of the performance during the opening ceremony, she introduced the mythical story of Idun’s Quest, and the need for incorporating regenerative cultures and worldviews into emerging technologies to generate a more prosperous future.

During this interactive performance, participants were taught creative meditation using storytelling, poems, dance movement, sounds and colours.

During the formal speaker events, as a member of the Abundance Panel, MaRi debriefed the poems in context of the theme of Prosperity, and what it means beyond money. Subsequent to the event,  community leaders have started supporting spiritual members in their community.

Dogecon Vancouver, 2018

At Sacred Spaces Village, MaRi lead an interactive presentation and performance of various stories and medicine songs including the Khoisan healers from Southern Africa. More than 100 people participated to learn practices she introduced.

Burning Man 2012

We have been hosting and participating in vairous cultural creative events where we prototyped some of our ideas. Highlights are posted below. 

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