About Hummingbird’s Travel Guide

Dynamic Vitality with Nature in Mind

Whether you need a way to manage compassion fatigue, detox from technology and data quantification, generate digital health,

….Or maybe you are busy transitioning into a new role or job, want to create lifestyle changes, develop new habits or busy looking for new ideas to revitalize your own profession and practice…..

Hummingbird’s Travel Guide is a creative ecoart therapy playbook based on applied, nature-based positive psychology, mythology and philosophy as therapy. It is based on the philosophy that human wellbeing is being in Harmony with the Earth and non-human world.

Tried and tested in the real world of work, life and leisure.

EcoTherapy for Everyone!!!

“If we do not develop new and better concepts of organization and leadership…we shall never harness science or technology in the service of humanity, let alone in the service of all other creatures and the living Earth on which we depend.” ~Dee Hock, One from Many, p.289 (Founder Visa)

Hummingbird’s Travel Guide creates an experiential personal revitalization and leadership adventure inspired by art therapy and nature based cultures around the world.  Activities in the book enables you to pay attention to the therapeutic, positive benefits of cultivating natural intelligence, movement and language.

Developed outside traditional institutions, yet able to bridge the worlds.

The first edition playbook is in the editing phase. Soon the first chapter and workshop will be released.

Contact us to find out more and receive updates on the program.