“There is a kind of refusal to serve power that isn’t a revolt or a rebellion, but a revolution in the sense of reversing meanings, of changing how things are understood.  Anyone who has been able to break from the grip of a controlling, crippling belief or bigotry or enforced ignorance knows the sense of coming out into the light and air, of release, being set free to fly, to transcend.”

— Ursula K. Le Guin



The Prophecy

Once upon a time, not too long ago, the birds and animals, humans, fish and plants and trees and insects, flowers, mountains, rivers, minerals and sky and clouds and water, air, sun and moon and stars, the dolphins and bears, all gathered together for an urgent meeting.

When they started counting everyone present there was consternation to see that almost half of all the living beings on earth were gone. For days they listened to the news from Wayra and the Cyberspace goddesses  about the state of the earth, the pollution of the sky and space, and all the things that are causing so much suffering, fear, anxiety, confusion and misery in the consciousness living in the world.

Hummingbird offered to visit Idun, to ask for her help. Idun is the Goddess of Rejuvenation and Longevity, the Changer of Fate, Guardian of the Legendary Golden Apples of Immortality. Everyone knows she always helps generously without asking for any sacrifice, and asked Hummingbird to fly as quickly as possible.


After getting directions, Hummingbird took off and, with the help of many friends along the way, found Idun in her gardens. When Hummingbird landed on Idun’s shoulder, Idun was busy re-creating new soil and purifying water while humming a song for the butterflies.

Idun was so happy to see Hummingbird, she invited her to visit often and always be welcome to drink nectar from her gardens.

Hummingbird delivered Earth’s message to Idun.


For a while Hummingbird closed her poor ears as she heard sentences and shouts and sounds that we thought to not repeat here (it was rather expletive and colourful as is expected of such as an esteemed goddess of life and rejuventation).

Eventually the sound of thunder, lightning and wind made Hummingbird very nervous.

Much later, Idun started crying.

Hummingbird could not help but crying with Idun.

Idun’s great wolf friend started howling too.

The little birds sobbed, the ants were running in circles and the leaves in all the trees were drooping with sadness and grief.

The salmon fled and hid underneath rocks in the water.

The sun became cold and the moon hid her face from everyone.

And after all the crying in the universe, a great stillness came into the garden…

It felt as if it will last for ever.

Hummingbird became quiet, completely present in the moment.

Eventually all Hummingbird could hear is silence.

After a long, long time,  Idun stood up.

Her sudden smile opened up the space and cleared all the clouds, the warm sun came out and Hummingbird became enchanted with the spaceousness of the blue sky.

The garden turned into the most perfect summer garden Hummingbird ever imagined.

Idun walked over to the Tree of Love, and asked the Tree if she can share one of her beautiful flowers and offer it to Hummingbird in gratitude for being the messenger of Gaia’s Soul.

As Idun gently picked the flower from the Tree of Love, the flower turned into a crystal clear flower goddess for all the mountains and valleys and gardens and homes and forests and all the damaged places in the world.

Hummingbird realized that the flower goddess was made of light, space and colours.

As Hummingbird drank the nectar offered from the hands of the flower goddess, Idun spoke to Hummingbird.

“In this time, the soul of Gaia is making her presence felt in all sentient beings around the world.

To save the light of the sun and moon and stars, oceans and clear blue sky, and beautiful infinitiness of space, the spirit of the fire element will rise up in humans to remind them why they are worth saving.

Through connecting with the spirit of water, they will gain intentionless intent to work with each other across the universe to weave new stories and protect the Gardens of Life.

The spirit of the air element will send the seeds of their prayers and hope across all the directions of the sky so that the spirit of the SpaceLlama is rekindle in everyone.

The spirits of nature will revive imagination wisdom to re-generate Idun’s Gardens and protect it for countless of generations who come from the past, present and future.

The Goddess of Space will open the hearts and minds of the children of Earth to restore life force, remind them how to connect to the heart of Gaia, and retrieve the lost parts of their souls and the souls of those beings they love.

Gaia’s heart will show everyone how to know the Tree of Love to again enjoy her presence.”

And so little Hummingbird flew back to tell everyone Idun’s promise that all the birds, bees, llamas, butterflies, humans, tigers, yes – even little worms, will be able to find Idun’s Garden, where her guardians will protect and guide the way.