Idun’s Quest

October, 6th 2019 to  November, 22 2019

Pisaq, Peru



“Make things you need to see exist in the world.” – Moco Museum, 2019 


Imagination Rekindled

“In an increasingly homogenous environment, it takes someone with a unique perspective and mindset to pursue original ideas. ” Arist Innovator Report (2017)

Do you tend to swim upstream when everyone else is swimming downstream?

To be able to restore vitality to local and global eco-systems, we need to re-animate ourselves and cultivate our capacity to teach and share this knowledge with others.

“Clear thinking, creatively confident, emotionally flexible and resilient people are more effective at restoring the world’s living capital.” The Regenerative Enterprise

On Idun’s Quest we are learning how to modify our self and our worldviews, revitalize ourselves, cultivate compassion for nature, increase our lifespan and improve the quality of our lives. We incorporate pre and post-retreat psycho-integration to support lifestyle changes inspired from values-transformative experiences.

“Rewild: To engage in practices which allow the human nervous system to develop to its full capability, including the sensitivity and awareness of our undomesticated hunter-gatherer ancestors.” (Wild Open)

Focus: Re-Wild your Mind

The focus of our retreat and workshops in Peru are to re-wild, and through our immersive enchantivist experience, learn how to recognize and cultivate vitality in eco-systems.

The BlackLlama Enchantivist pioneering artist innovator retreat unfolds in the beautiful salka environment of Pisaq and Sacred Valley, Peru.

You will encounter hummingbirds, poetry, songs, folklore, cosmology and restorative approaches from the Andean Mountain traditions.

Detouring from the mainstream (spiritual and consciousness) tourism track, we will guide you in becoming more familiar with your natural imagination, and increase awareness of your nervous system and other positive human qualities .  

Intent: Be With The Mountains (Eco-Somatic Integration)

Working on your personal revitalization project, during our workshops we will share our BlackLlama Enchantivist techniques, time tested approaches and skillful methods while we are inspired by nature-connected movement meditation, icaro and eco-mind therapy. 

You will also gain experience-templates and practices to cultivate positive identity, retrieve personal wellbeing and restore life force.

You leave with insights into the benefits of incorporating expressive eco-therapy in personal growth and leadership development approaches, and re-create your “inner landscape” through creative meditation, the art of embodied philosophy and expressive therapy incorporating Andean transformation and regenerative wisdom technologies.

Our goal is to empower clients by teaching them process, tools and practices enabling their journey to achieve wholeness on their own.

We will empower you with simple psycho-integration tools, resources and access to a network of peers and facilitators to help you continue your own path of rejuvenation and positive impact within a community of practice.

You will leave with insights into how to adapt this body of work to your own context and environment, including business enterprise.

Google outside of your Self

We will move you out of your comfort zone to help you prepare and have time to experience people who live an eco-self-sovereign life. Intentional activities and inquiry will give you many opportunities to connect positively with Sacred Valley’s local economy and communities.

The purpose of incorporating learning from various local guest facilitators is to demonstrate diverse approaches to living a quality life including food and financial independence.

Afterward you will have access to a community of practice to support any life style changes you want to make as you integrate and implement your insights.

Our goals

  • Antidote to apathy and/or cynicism during times of accelerated change
  • Preventing and recovering from burnout  – “charging your battery”
  • Transformation of self and worldviews
  • Overcoming loneliness and sense of disconnectedness (often due to technology and social media and business)
  • Experiencing “space” to review personal suffering and challenges, including significant life events and setbacks.
  • Finding joy, peace and happiness in connecting with nature
  • Regaining vitality while treating depression, anxiety and chronic illness including post-traumatic stress
  • Improved problem solving
  • Deeper emotional flexibility and adaptability
  • Positive identity re-creation
  • Strengthening the vagus nerve
  • Work wellbeing
  • Inspiration for cultivating personal agency and resourcefulness
  • Cognitive skills development
  • Physical health improvement, including physical strength and fitness
  • Experience what it feels like to be part of a healthy community and intentional ecosystem

Why Pisaq, Peru?

Pisaq is a small village in Sacred Valley, Peru nestled underneath the Pisaq Ruins. Not well known as a formal destination by tourists, the local community consists of Peruvian farmers, shopkeepers, innkeepers, artists, meditation and yoga centres and indigenous healers. Sacred Valley was recently listed on Lonely Planet (Apple News) as one of the world’s 6 best destinations for yoga travel.

It is a friendly environment to switch off from the digital world and explore pristine natural environments in good company. From here it is possible to hike to unspoiled lakes, ruins that are inaccessible to tourist buses and visit mountain communities where life continues as it has for hundreds of years.

Our program is intentionally designed for respectful engagement and support of local business and mountain communities.

BlackLlama Retreat Team & Facilitators

MaRi is a Canadian award winning innovator in leadership, talent and organizational transformation. She has more than 15 years of experience working with executives and senior leadership across to globe to design and implement distributed models of strategy, leadership and talent development, while improving individual and organizational performance and wellbeing.

MaRi was ranked on the Thomson Reuters Canadian Top 40 Social Influencers in Finance, Innovation and Risk, 2017. She was selected as a Finalist in Innovator Idol, Ontario, Canada, 2012. Burning Man: Sacred Space Camp interactive performance: Masters of Enchantment: Songmagic, 2012. Presented Masters of Enchantivism at Dogecon, 2018.

She is fired up by Idun’s Quest, with her mission to provide training and support to the Guardians of the Gardens of Life using processes that enable intergenerational transmission through re-generating trust, providing direct experience in reality and cultivating salka skills such as discernment. 

BlackLlama Enchantivist School Facilitator 

MaRi Eagar

Cultural Creative. Storyteller.  “Re-wilding” herself. Positive Psychologist.  On Idun’s Quest. Bonpo/Dzogchen Practitioner. EcoArt Therapy Practitioner. Embodied Leadership Coach.

With a thriving practice as a transpersonal psychologist, Raimutsa is a Peruvian eco-therapist who apprenticed and continue to develop his own independent practice within Andean ancestral shamanic and regenerative methods and practices. He has been on this path for more than twenty years.

An avid surfer and martial arts expert, Rai also works closely with the Shipipo and Quero communities in Peru. 

He is an experienced transformation retreat leader, mountaineer and wellbeing facilitator in countries such as Peru, Mexico, Argentina, USA and South Africa. This includes helping others heal from post-traumatic stress and significant challenges in their lives.

He is dedicated to promote the revival and revaluation of ancestral knowledge and the development of intercultural wellbeing. 

BlackLlama Enchantivist School Facilitator 


Peruvian Ancestral Wisdom. Curandero. How to change your mind. Joy of surfing, good food and martial arts. Re-Create your Self. Resilience. Appreciation of Beauty.

Karina graduated from McGill University in Canada in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in political science and international development.  After completing an internship with the Canadian Council for Refugees, she decided to go on a 9-month trip to South America. In Peru, she fell in love with the man who would later become her husband, Sampi.
Throughout her travels in South America, she came into contact with a wide range of people and communities from all walks of life: self-sustainable communities in Ecuador, indigenous communities in Peru, upper-class Argentinians and Brazilians who hosted her on couch surfing, etc.
She was struck by the degree to which jaw-dropping socio-economic inequalities pervade South America, with indigenous people always placing on the lowest end.
In 2016 she moved permanently to Peru. There, she began learning about local botany and food, including natural medicines that have been utilized by the Andean people for thousands of years.
She accompanied her husband, a botanist specializing in regenerative Andean healing, to countless communions in Peru, Argentina and Uruguay.  Unlike many healers, Sampi avoids using the word ‘ceremony’, which for him implies that there is a leader imparting his/her superior knowledge to an audience; he prefers to talk about ‘communions’, where everyone attending is equal, and where the focus is on sharing time, space, energy, stories and healing all together.
In the meantime, Karina was coming to know more and more native Peruvians, and noticing that despite their relaxed ways, their good moods, and their remarkable generosity, native Peruvians worked harder than anyone she had ever encountered, and mostly only to gain enough to eat for the day.
Then it hit her: she would found a sustainable travel agency, with low carbon-footprint activities, visits to indigenous communities and to off-the-beaten-path sites, and where part of the profits would go directly to a low-income community in Peru.
Tours for Your Soul specialize in allowing natural wisdom, appreciation of beauty and joy of life to arise effortlessly, and within that space, gain personal and communal clarity and inspiration.
Karina is a profound music lover and occasional song-writer.  She loves to travel, to read, to watch movies that make you think, to meditate, to bike, to walk in nature, to learn new languages, new recipes, new skills, new anything! She loves her home country, Canada, and she loves her adoptive country, Peru. Her two-year old son is Peruvian-Canadian.

BlackLlama Enchantivist School Facilitator & Retreat Logistics Partner

Karina Fortier

Musician. Song-writer. Linguist. Entertaining Off-the-beaten-track hike Companion. Intelligent Movie Buff. Natural Beingness.

Watch the view from Little Cusco near Pisaq, Peru

Pricing &  Registration

Retreat events and workshops facilitate quality individual connection, social learning, as well as mountain hike safety at higher altitudes.

Retreat pricing  includes shared accommodation in Pisaq, transport during the retreat, personal coaching, teachings, materials, meals and access to ruins we visit during the retreat. Your money will be directly invested in the local economy and facilitators from Peru.


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