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Canadian Team

MaRi Eagar

MaRi Eagar

Cultural Creative. Storyteller. “Re-wilding” herself. Peer-to-Peer Economy. Cybershamanism On Idun’s Quest. Dzogchen Practitioner. Art Therapy Practitioner.

 MaRi is a Canadian award winning strategic innovator in 21st century leadership, talent development  and organizational psychology and development, with extensive digital transformational change experience. 

Originally starting her career as chartered accountant, she holds a Masters degree in Personal, Interpersonal and Professional Leadership Development (with distinction). 

Her dissertation research established a taxonomy about the importance of and  how to utilize contemplative practices for leadership development (2007).

Inspiration for her approach to leadership is based on masters degrees studies in strategy and leadership models for whole systems change, as well as turbulent and non-linear dynamics through Copenhagen Business School and the University of KwaZulu Natal.

A USA certified Positive Psychology Coach, Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner and Somatic Teacher, she has more than 15 years of experience working with executives and senior leaders on personal and organizational transformation. 

She is a sought after mentor for professional  leadership and organizational development as well as change management consultants.

MaRi pioneered creative and agile techniques for scalable, creative strategic distributed models of leadership and cultural development in large enterprise, as well as decentralized ecosystems.

Her experience designing, prototyping and implementing innovative new structures and content in traditionally structured organizations,  enabled her to grow valuable skills in identifying and cultivating leverage points for real change and developing approaches that enable it to grow more organically.

Clients value her for improving personal and team performance and wellbeing while enabling them to navigate the complexities of organizational life.

MaRi’s professional career is supported by private studies and practices in various lineages, including Cybershamanism,  Bonpo/Dzogchen, expressive eco-art therapy, the science of happiness, nature oriented wisdom traditions, and the peer-to-peer economy. 

  • Ranked on the Thomson Reuters Canadian Top 40 Social Influencers in Finance, Innovation and Risk, 2017. 
  • Founder of the BC Blockchain Forum, with more than 1,100 members by end of December 2018.
  • Designer and organizer: Financial wellness for Alice and Bob – Hackathon using decentralized technologies to address people living just above the official poverty line (October 2018)
  • Design and first test implementation of an agile, biomimicry inspired, adventure therapy change management model at a wellness retailer as their method for supporting people during the implementation of a Microsoft 365 (2017) Enterprise Resource Planning system.
  • Design and development of new leadership and talent model for a BC provincial regulator, including new peak performance program based on the growth mindset and visual thinking (2016/2017)
  • Co-founder of provincial BC Health Authorities Change Management Community of Practice, 2015.
  • Designer and facilitator of the Personal Leadership for Young Professionals Program that earned Deloitte Vancouver  the Prism Award from the  International Coaching Federation 2014.
  • Selected as Finalist in Innovator Idol, Ontario, Canada, 2012 (distributed strategy software platform).

In her enchantivist practice, she presented the interactive performances “Masters of Enchantment: Songmagic” at Sacred Spaces Village, Burning Man (2012) and the “Masters of Enchantivism: Wyrd Sisters” at Dogecon Healing Ceremony 2018, Vancouver.

She is fired up by Idun’s Quest, with her mission to provide training and support to the Guardians of the Gardens of Life.


Tanna Po

Tanna Po

Crypto Artists. Astrokin of the Galaxy. Philosophy of Food and Consciousness. For the Love of Animals. Regenerate the Repair Culture. Steampunk. Doge.

Sharing her world heart from Vancouver, Canada, Tanna Po is the BlackLlama Enchantivists resident artist.

She is a mystical media muse, executing everything from paintings to blog posts to ensure that the many faces of the different hidden worlds make themselves seen.

Always clever, often subtle, and usually ten steps ahead.

Tanna Po is passionate about the repair economy (you know, the natural way of keeping beautiful items from romantic hand embroidered handbags to old computers by fixing it instead of throwing it away) and is always willing to show others how to do it. 

A trained chef, she continues to investigate conscious nourishment of body, mind and ecosystems based on wholesome nutrition. Tanna studied all the local edible plants in her city, based on indigenous knowledge including recipes captured in books. Through this practice she is able to identify many edible plants around her,  know how to collect and cook these as a way to become more self-sufficient while connecting to local eco-system and health.

She follows her passion while working at Living Lotus Food and Nutrition, a company with a commitment to providing plant-based desserts that are free from gluten, diary, refined sugar and soy.

If you follow Vancouver’s Doge community, you might recognize her art work at decentralized events. In particular her absurdist art expression and contribution to the global meme phenomena of #Dogecon2018. Sometimes you can meet her at Decentralized Dance Parties or interesting art exhibitions. 

Her interest in internet memes as well as mystical, contemporary archetype themes culminates in her ongoing project: Blockchain Tarot, which you can find on her instagram.


Peruvian Team



Peruvian Ancestral Wisdom. Adventure Therapy. How to change your mind. Joy of surfing, good food and martial arts. Re-Create your Self. Resilience. Appreciation of Beauty. Enchanted with Life.


Raimutsa obtained his bachelors degree in Lima, Peru in 2008 and now has a thriving, global practice as a transpersonal psychologist, life coach and eco-adventure therapist.

He started his formal apprenticeship in Andean wellbeing traditions during 1998 in Urubamba, Peru and continued to work closely with his teacher delivering seminars and retreats until 2015.

He also studied with various indigenous leaders in Tarapoto during 2001, and Shipipo healers in Pucallpa from 2004 to 2008.

Raimutsa continues to develop his own independent practice within diverse lineages of Andean ancestral therapeutic and restorative methods and practices.

He also enjoys studying Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and new developments in psychology and consciousness. For example, he received transmission and refuge from Lama Ole Nydhal from the Kagyu lineage, and attended his Pho Wa and Mahamudra retreats.

As a martial arts expert, Raimutsa has trained directly with sifus from different lineages since 1998. These include sifu Kam Li (Kam Ka Kuan Lineage) and sifu Cha (Chuan Fa School).  He is currently developing his own movement therapy incorporating his formal martial arts training.

Raimutsa has been working closely with the  Shipibo – conibo indigenous communities from the Amazon rainforest, the Q’ero indigenous communities from the highlands of Cuzco since 2002 and the indigenous communities from the central highlands of Huancavelica since 2010. He was a founding member of the NGO:  International Association for the Preservation of Indigenous and Contemporary Cultures.

He is an experienced transformation retreat leader, mountaineer and wellbeing facilitator. Originally he started working and directing retreats, seminars and sessions in Peru since 2002. International work initiated with Argentina in 2006, and he now travels and directs retreats and workshops across the globe.

Raimutsa leads retreat groups through challenging terrain, such as Apu Kuntursallar, climbing to the glaciers of Apu Chicon, visiting Q’ero communities with the Lares trek, as well as Apu Putukusi (when the ladders were still open). He also guids groups to hidden places off the tourist track.

As a psychologist and therapists, Raimutsa has been providing counselling, mentoring and life coaching to people from all over the world since 2004. This includes helping others heal from post-traumatic stress and significant challenges in their lives.

During 2018 he became a member of the Enayrt Group, where he is valued for bringing his unique approach to western psychology including online video therapy and eco-therapy presentations.

In 2004 he became co-founder of Apupower superfoods, which grew into a successful product used by surfers around the world.

Raimutsa engages the world with humour and deep knowledge of the unique and direct understanding of clear awareness essence that can be unlocked during guided and intentional visits to the various sacred sites and spaces.

He is an avid surfer, and spends as much time possible exploring ocean therapy as part of his personal wellness practices. He also offers surf retreats as part of his therapy services.

Raimutsa is dedicated to promote the revival and revaluation of Andean ancestral knowledge and the development of intercultural wellbeing.

He continues to innovate ways to evolve indigenous knowledge to adapt to modern needs while retaining the essence.

Raimutsa provides mentoring and formal apprenticeship opportunities to those who demonstrate a dedication to realizing their inherent potential.


Karina Fortier

Karina Fortier

Tours for your Soul. Musician. Song-writer. Linguist. Entertaining Off-the-beaten-track huke compasion. IntelIntelligent Movie Buff. Natural Beings.

Karina graduated from McGill University in Canada in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in political science and international development.  After completing an internship with the Canadian Council for Refugees, she decided to go on a 9-month trip to South America. In Peru, she fell in love with the man who would later become her husband, Sampi.

Throughout her travels in South America, she came into contact with a wide range of people and communities from all walks of life: self-sustainable communities in Ecuador, indigenous communities in Peru, upper-class Argentinians and Brazilians who hosted her on couch surfing, etc.
She was struck by the degree to which jaw-dropping socio-economic inequalities pervade South America, with indigenous people always placing on the lowest end.
In 2016 she moved permanently to Peru. There, she began learning about local botany and food, including natural medicines that have been utilized by the Andean people for thousands of years.
She accompanied her husband, Sampi, a botanist specializing in regenerative Andean healing, to countless communions in Peru, Argentina and Uruguay.  Unlike many healers, Sampi avoids using the word ‘ceremony’, which for him implies that there is a leader imparting his/her superior knowledge to an audience; he prefers to talk about ‘communions’, where everyone attending is equal, and where the focus is on sharing time, space, energy, stories and healing all together.
In the meantime, Karina was coming to know more and more native Peruvians, and noticing that despite their relaxed ways, their good moods, and their remarkable generosity, native Peruvians worked harder than anyone she had ever encountered, and mostly only to gain enough to eat for the day.
Then it hit her: she would found a sustainable travel agency, with low carbon-footprint activities, visits to indigenous communities and to off-the-beaten-path sites, and where part of the profits would go directly to a low-income community in Peru.
Tours for Your Soul specialize in allowing natural wisdom, appreciation of beauty and joy of life to arise effortlessly, and within that space, gain personal and communal clarity and inspiration.
Karina is a profound music lover and occasional song-writer.  She loves to travel, to read, to watch movies that make you think, to meditate, to bike, to walk in nature, to learn new languages, new recipes, new skills, new anything! She loves her home country, Canada, and she loves her adoptive country, Peru. Her two-year old son is Peruvian-Canadian.

International Team



Mover. Performing Artist. Yogipup. Beating scoliosis. Connecting people to their bodies and expression through movement and play.


Working from Johannesburg, South Africa, Bodhibabesa – Claire van der Vyver – is our resident creative ceremony designer.

Claire’s journey to movement started with some early formal ballet training and deepened when she began performing traditional Zulu dance at the age of 10. Her parents’ cultural village presented shows every evening for groups of up to 100 tourists. It was here that she first realized the “salka” in dance and encountered dance as a medium of storytelling.

She began to nurture a deep love for movement and the heartbeat of a drum. During this time, Claire performed at the late Johnny Clegg’s traditional Zulu wedding which was televised in South Africa and in parts of Europe.

Her passion for dance was reignited when she was introduced to the fire arts in 2007 and has evolved to include stilt dancing, physical theatre, yoga and the magic of expressive movement in all forms.

In a digital age where people spend more than half their lives attached to a screen, Claire believes that people are becoming more and more disconnected from their bodies. We no longer listen to our body and what it tells us. We also no longer use our bodies as they were intended, and as a result experience limited use of our limbs and our expression. 

Our bodied degenerate with inactivity and almost become atrophic in some cases. This can result in the overall weakness of our boedies and often accelerates the aging process.

“My mission is therefore to reconnect people to their bodies, establish deeper connections with their fellow humans, and help them find expression through movement and creative play.”

Claire also provides coaching to help people find what makes them authentically happy.

Palms McGee

Palms McGee

Barefoot. BushCraft. Wim Hof method. Music Man! Good relations. Connector. Legacy. Drive. Eco-self integration. Love for family and friends.

After training for four years in environmental conservation and working as a Forest Ranger in the UK, Palms McGee woke up on day, and decided to follow a mystical dream.

He set off into the unknown to find out what it means to live with more magic, vitality and happiness.

With a companion book: “Snow Leopard”,  his backpack and trust in the mystery of the unknown, he set off to find out what it means to live with more magic, vitality and happiness.

As he flew over the Amazon, he realized that such a life was possible.

Encountering hummingbirds, he discovered magic in the world.

Hiking in the Andes, he discovered his unrealized potential.

Now he is continuing to integrate all his experiences and self-insights, while also developing his own BushCraft.

This is of course much easier said than done. This challenging process is helping Palms McGee develop the Black Sheep Bushcraft model for creating the best world for yourself and others as you regenerate your life and achieve lifestyle changes.

He is now rediscovering the human animal, exploring cold water exposure, barefoot walking/running, breathwork and martial arts.

Dedicated practices from Wim Hof are helping in building new somatic markers, including breath work to help manage energy.  So is walking barefoot where possible or with sandals (even in the cold).

Forest Therapy on his own or with others interested in this new “re-wilding” activities has become his weekly staple diet and creative inspiration.

Continuing with musical practice and shows with friends are taking on a new meaning and joy knowing the positive impact of sound therapy.

Of course food and nourishment is important – so new recipes including food to support personal, family and friends’ health – are further practices in his toolkit.

And other practicalities, such as balancing career, resources and following a personal dream are all providing valuable experiences for building on character strengths, live with courage and remember to play too.

Palms McGee is now on a quest to realize the freedom of self mastery and bring magic to his ancient homeland. Whilst he builds his community and searches for other BlackSheep, he is embarking on a musical journey with his best friends, finding his voice and unravelling the universal language.